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For Education
Designed to Maximize Impact

weThink For Education

Layer our platform into existing extracurricular, CTE, SEL, PBL, and other scholastic team and group programs. Provide soft skill growth and prove program benefits to students, parents, and administrators without additional curriculum, or create new programs around the weThink framework.

STEM Credentials

For Sports
Visualized Skill Development

weThink For Sports

Traditional sports and scholastic esports leaders can finally prove the life skills being developed in their programs. Skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, and character can be measured and used for scholarship and recruitment applications.

For Organizations
Built to Optimize Your Team

weThink For Organizations

In-person, remote, and hybrid teams benefit from increased communication, and our inclusive platform gives every team member a voice. Managers and leaders can optimize the way in which they communicate and understand team dynamics to increase team performance, quickly.