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Discover minority Olympic and college athletes trained in sales, marketing, HR and customer success.

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WeThink gets you the most productive diversity employees.

WeThink’s athlete job accelerator attracts hard working team players who have won at the highest level. Our recruits are prequalified through skills assessment and on-the-job training.

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What positions does WeThink staff?
WeThink staffs positions in sales, marketing, human resources and customer success.
How many athletes are in your database?
WeThink works with exceptionally talented and motivated athletes. Because of this, our accelerator currently accepts a maximum of 50 athletes per cohort. We have a database with over 25,000 former world class athletes currently in sales, HR, marketing and customer success roles we can search to help fill additional roles.
How much does your staffing service cost?
WeThink’s staffing service charges 20% of first year salary. We have a 100% placement guarantee for the first 90 days.