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Problem Solving


Empower athletes with personalized skill profiles.

– Job Applications
– College Applications
– Scholarship Recruitment


Everyone knows that extra-curricular activities produce lifelong skills that prepare students for any path they take after school. With the Wethink platform, students can boost their resumes and applications by proving the growth of their workforce readiness skills.

As individual players improve the way they interact with teammates, coaches can track skill growth for the entire team. Dashboards and reports identify which core skills to focus on, and valuable insights from self and peer evaluations. Team and player dynamics can be viewed from a high level, or coaches can delve into individual profiles for a deeper look into player personalities.

How It Works

    1. Coaches determine which skill to focus on.
    2. Core skills and their subskills are defined clearly to players.
    3. Players apply skills in practice and games.
    4. Players evaluate themselves and their peers.
    5. Coaches and players grow understanding through reflection.

Core skills and sub-skills

Decision MakingThinking or acting in a certain way when presented with more than one option.

Resource ManagementRecognizing and using resources in a way that helps the team succeed.

AssertivenessThe ability for someone to express feelings and needs directly, while maintaining respect for others.

CollaborationThe process of two or more people working together to achieve a goal.

Conflict ResolutionThe reduction of discord between individuals or groups through the use of active strategies such as negotiation, bargaining, or compromise.

AdaptabilityFlexibility in adjusting one’s emotional response in an optimal manner for a given situation.

Active ListeningMaking a conscious effort to hear not only the words that another person is saying but, the complete message being communicated.

EmpathyThe ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

FriendlinessThe quality of appearing likable and trustworthy.

CreativityThe ability to produce and develop original work, theories, techniques, or thoughts.

Critical ThinkingThe objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

Goal SettingThe process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals with timeframes.

GritThe tendency to approach tasks and challenges with a positive, optimistic attitude, and to persist in the face of challenge.

OwnershipA person who takes responsibility for any shortcomings, even if they aren’t soley responsible for the results.

Self-ControlThe ability for someone to mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally control themselves, especially in difficult situations.

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