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Program Setup – Student registration

Step by step instructions with materials and resources to implement and keep track of student registration

Task 1: Teacher sends email to students (email to copy & paste)
The link will take you to a page that has a copy & paste email you can send your students based off of which game your program will be using. There are specific points in the email that are bold, indented, and underlined which will need you to go in and fill in the appropriate information specific to your program.

Task 2: Teacher confirms all students are registered on the Program Dashboard and reminds those who have yet to register to do so (Program Dashboard will be sent to you upon request)

Task 3: Create Orientation Zoom meeting and send the invite to all registered students after the due date is passed

Task 4: Host Orientation Day

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1. Surveys
2. Student recruitment marketing
3. Student registration
4. Game setup verification
5. Discord account creation and download
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