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taking gaming skills seriously

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Learn By Playing eSports

Esports and gaming provide a platform through which we can facilitate the development of critical skills in a way that is RELEVANT and ENGAGING. Our research-based esports learning program helps players develop Teamwork, Leadership, Diversity, and Character skills as they participate in esports competitions.

Location: Los Angeles, CA



Esports and gaming can be used to help players develop valuable 21st century skills, including creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Esports team-based experiences can also help players develop social-emotional learning (SEL) skills, and character values.


Construct Gaming’s

Mission & Vision

We develop comprehensive learning programs that teach career, life, and gaming skills through esports to make a positive impact on the lives of students.

Why teach esports and gaming?

Video games are a tool and therefore can be a very useful thing with good guidance.

If used the right way, games and esports have the potential to develop necessary skills such as social emotional intelligence, coordination, problem solving, teamwork cooperation, anti-cyber bullying, empathy in impersonal communication, and more.

We can use games to teach these skills which means that a student’s interaction with gaming will be at an elevated level. Why ignore such a powerful and engaging medium?








Critical Thinking

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Location: Los Angeles, CA


“I feel that the League of Legends program opened my eyes to new career opportunities.”

“I liked that we learn important skills. We use these skills and the game gets really fun.”

“Esports got me to think on my toes and learn how to think strategically.”



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