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FREE for K-12 esports programs 

Demonstrate program effectiveness through individual player and team skill breakdowns and reporting.

Elevate your program.

Teams and coaches benefit from increased cohesiveness. A gamified skills point system allows players to recognize their strengths, and improve peer to peer communication in games and life.

SEL Comprehension

Building blocks for team communication and skill comprehension.

Gamified Learning

Personalized point system to bring awareness and reflection to gametime.

Realworld Application

Boost player resumes and applications through player reflection and reports.

Progress Tracking

Eliminate the manual assessment process and give coaches and players instant results for each player.

Experience Based

Players are engaged through team goals, lively discussions, and meaningful game experiences.

Coach Feedback

Skills reports provide coaches with insights that help them understand and respond to the needs of every player.

How it works

1. Coaches determine a focus skill.

2. The core skill and subskills are clearly defined to players.

3. Players apply the focus skill in practice and games.

4. Players evaluate themselves and their peers.

5. Coaches and players grow understanding through reflection.

Transferable Skills

“My player pulled from our communication and leadership discussion to solve classroom problems.”

Unlock CTE Funding

“Thanks to Wethink my esports program received CTE funding.”

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