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Growing Workforce Readiness

Recognize Strengths and Grow Student Skills in Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving, and Character


weThink for Education

CTE | SEL | PBL | Life-Skill Development

Skills competency and mastery have never been more critical than they are today. Drive growth through data using the weThink platform to assess, track, and understand how individuals succeed on teams.

Visualized Student Mastery

Develop Soft-Skills | Increase Group and Team Performance | Foster Self-Awareness

By completing quick surveys that provide instant feedback on individual dashboards, teachers and students are able to efficiently identify areas for improvement based on ‘right-now feedback’.

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skill breakdowns

Detailed Reflections

Focus on individual skills and how they impact team dynamics in multiple environments. Understand skill proficiencies in order to produce meaningful experiences and conversations to create personal growth.

skill charts

Recognized Growth

Multiple reports and dashboards allow individuals to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses. Reflection is more powerful when accompanied by visual data, and growth can be measured over time.

Our Mission

Build better teams through reflection and data. 

Human beings are social creatures that rely on cooperation in order to succeed, and we believe that growth in self-awareness will ultimately increase performance while making the world a better place for everyone.

Seamless Implementation

The weThink platform can be layered into existing curriculum to add additional value to any group-based activity within the classroom or be used as a stand-alone framework.

In The Classroom

Layer SEL and CTE skills onto any group-based activity within the classroom. Teacher dashboards help to track growth and identify skills that need improvement.

After School Programs

Prove program benefits by providing students, parents, and administrators skill growth profiles for every participant regardless of program type.


Increase team performance in games and practice by understanding player dynamics. Player profiles visually show personal strengths that can be used on college and career applications.

Social Emotional Learning

Learners can visualize powerful self-evaluations, and compare their skills to peer-evaluations with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. Dashboards create positive gamified data allowing a deeper understanding of peer perceptions.

Career and Technical Education

Produce hard data on soft skill growth while covering traditional CTE content without additional curriculum. Student profiles provide additional value on job applications and resumes.


From scholastic to professional, teams and coaches benefit from increased cohesiveness. A gamified skills point system allows players to recognize their strengths, and improve peer to peer communication in games and life. 

“During the pandemic, we started Learn4Life’s esports teams in partnership with weThink and saw our student attendance shoot up. It’s not just about gaming. Our esports curriculum teaches 21st century learning skills and tripled the number of students completing their assignments on time with quality! It looks like major employers are getting it too!”

Caprice Young, Ed. D.

National Superintendent, Lifelong Learning

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