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Teamwork and resilience are the core of the future of work.

50% of work is more collaborative than 5 years ago and 93% of companies rely on teams. Participating in sports builds incredibly valuable skills for employers, and we want athletes to understand their worth. Nobody understands teamwork better than a successful athlete. Ready to learn more?

The Future of Work Is Perfect For Athletes


Of employees in leadership blame lack of collaboration for workplace failures.


Increase in team performance by improving awareness in the skills athletes already have.


“Studies prove high social and emotional awareness leads to better team performance”

– Harvard Business Review


Are ready to learn new skills or re-train to remain employable in the future (according to PWC).

Building a career platform specifically for athletes.

Skill Profiles

Automated skill profiles help athletes to understand their entire skill set and identify their individual strengths.

Career Matching

Match and compare skill profiles to almost 1,000 occupations covering the entire U.S. economy.

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Your interest helps us build faster. Sign up as an individual or an athletic organization that wants to prepare its athletes for the future.


Should I sign up?

YES! weThink Beta is currently in progress, but more interest helps give us the resources to build faster and help athletes sooner.

What do I get if I sign up?

weThink will notify you as soon as the Beta is ready, and individuals will have a limited chance to try the platform for free!

How can weThink help my athletic organization?

We want to help you prove how much you care for your athletes during and after their experience with your programs by giving athletes a tool to plan for their future.

When will the Beta be available?

The Beta should launch in Q1 2023, but it could be sooner!

How can I help get access sooner?

Spread the word! The more interest we have, the more resources we will have available to speed up our launch! Send everyone you know to this page and have them sign up!

Am I considered to be an “athletic organization”?

Anyone that works with and manages athletes and teams could be perfect for weThink! This includes schools, universities, extra-curricular programs, competition organizers, amateur organizations, and professional associations.

Questions? We want to hear from you!