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Jobs for Black Athletes

Discover jobs. Get trained. Get offers.

Get started

If you are a black college or professional athlete, you can get hired by great companies with diversity programs. Earn $60,000 to $100,000 a year. Apply for the 2023 Athlete Accelerator now.

Three steps to a high paying job you’ll love.

Step 1: Apply to the Athlete Accelerator

Do a skill and interest assessment to discover high paying jobs that fit you.

Step 2: Train on the job

Receive on the job training at weThink. Get paid commissions.


Step 3: Get job offers

weThink puts your resume in front of top employers like Google, Nike and Cisco to get you job offers you’ll love.


How much does it cost.

Our recruiting service for black athletes is free. The companies who hire you pay us a recruiting fee.  Participants in the accelerator agree to mentor students in a future class.

How long does it take?

Participants usually start getting interviews 4-6 weeks from sign up. On-the-job training, resume building and interview practice lasts 8 weeks.

What companies would hire me?

WeThink works with many partner companies of the One Ten Coalition, which includes companies like Google, Nike, AllState and JP Morgan.

What on-the-job training do I get?

We have 4 tracks of on-the-job training.

  1. Enterprise sales. You will prospect new clients, prepare and run pitch meetings, follow up, close deals, do reporting and create sales strategy using Hubspot, LinkedIn, and Powerpoint. You’ll complete our intro to enterprise sales on Coursera.
  2. Business-to-business marketing. You will create marketing funnels, content, analytics, and automation using WordPress, Google Analytics, and  LinkedIn. You’ll complete our Intro to B2B Marketing on Coursera.
  3. Human resources. You will do candidate recruiting, screening interviews, create learning and development resources, run performance evaluations and skills assessments. You’ll complete our Intro to Human Resources on Coursera.
  4. Customer Success. You will work with existing customers to discover their strategic goals, create and execute action plans, find and unblock issues, and upsell them on additional products and services.  You’ll complete our Intro to Customer Success on Coursera.
What are the accelerator requirements?
  • Any college major is fine
  • College students must be on track to graduate 6 months or less from the application date. Graduates are welcome to apply