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About us

weThink focuses on evidence-based skills for team, academic, and life success, including problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication, self-control, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, planning, and grit, resulting in better teams, better players, and better students.

Our Mission

Build better humans by empowering individuals with data-driven feedback in regards to how they interact with others. Humans beings are social creatures that rely on cooperation in order to succeed, and we believe that growth in essential skills will ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

Our Founder

Based on her  17 years of successful educational experience, Katrina has built a company of educational, technical, and business experts and an industry-leading advisory board with members and experts spanning education, corporate HR, and the U.S. military.

“We are heading into a 21st-century type of environment where we need to collaborate, communicate, & lead. This program emulates this not only in the game but through the different classes that they have. I have been able to see my students use these skills in the classroom. One of my students was in a situation with another student who was not  involved in the program and was able to pull from his communication & leadership skills from the program to handle the situation.”

-Arbin Lubiano | UCLA Horace Mann Instructor

“Kat is one of the most astute, effective consultants I’ve met in some time. She is extremely gifted at bringing out the best in individuals and her own unique path has bred a philosophy that is innovative, exciting and maybe even groundbreaking. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I want to express my full support and endorsement of Katrina Salazar’s weThink Adaptive Engine and Assessments.” – Brad Koepenick Co-Founder/Senior Vice President at SparkRise

Our History

For the last ten years, Katrina Salazar has worked with hundreds of students, parents, and educators. To address a big problem: the lack of soft skills or social and emotional learning development. In 2015 Katrina partnered with a Riot games team member to intertwine ‘skills building methods’ and ‘esports’ together. She’s been working at the nexus of esports and EdTech ever since. In 2019, she started Wethink.