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Build Better Teams

Unlock the potential within your workforce to optimize performance, increase retention and deliver unbelievable results

Proven team-intelligence framework that develops tomorrow’s teams today

Welcome to weThink – your launchpad to extraordinary team performance! We empower you to unlock your potential with our unique system designed to cultivate foundational skills. Our proprietary framework, equipped with cutting-edge assessments and analytics, dives deep into team dynamics, illuminating the path to enhanced cohesion and clear transferable skills profiles. But we’re more than just a performance booster – we’re your partner in boosting retention, improving recruitment, and minimizing human error.

Our Methodology

Team Transformation Workshops

Discover how team intelligence can rapidly improve your team performance and identify the top use cases within your organization.

Team Performance Insights

Receive insights on team interactions that improve team cohesion, grow foundational and transferable skills and identify leaders within your existing tools and programs

Skill Mapping System

weThink maps work experience and interests into transferable skills profiles and best-fit job roles for organizations, teams, career paths, and recruiting

Our Process

Repeat to build a continuous feedback loop

Your Results


Map your existing skills, values, frameworks and models

Break down silos and promote cross-functional team collaboration


Build a meaningful and continuous peer feedback loop  


Promote a failing forward attitude and increase resilience and agility


weThink x U.S Air Force

Download the weThink x U.S. Air Force case study to learn how weThink is leading innovation in foundational competency assessment and growth for team performance

The Future of Work is Driven by Team Excellence

Here are just a few reasons why we’re so big on the future of work


93% percent of companies have extended authority to teams and spend 50% more time in collaborative work.


Foundational skills models help unlock talent potential and increase team performance by 2-3x


Meet the Team

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Instructional Designer

Amy Warner

Business Development

Paul Johnson


Frank Wilde

Enterprise Sales


Who is weThink working with?

weThink is working with a limited set of partners. If you’re interested in supercharging your team and talent, sign up now

What are foundational and transferable skills? Why are they important?

Foundational skills are skills that enable you to do your job well, whatever that job may be. They include things like collaboration, time, management, adaptability, active listening, assertiveness, self-control, growth, mindset, intrinsic motivation, critical thinking, leadership, creativity, organization and planning, productivity, and more. At weThink, we use our proprietary map of skills to create skill translations that include hard skills and past experience. We help users understand where they can go next and grow next — like a GPS. No matter what the job or profession is, these skills make the difference between success and failure

Can weThink help with DEI initiatives?

Yes. Thinking in terms of foundational skills for skills translations enables the E in DEI. Equity is hard to embed, but with weThink’s team intelligence platform, you can view current and new talent through a formative lens. That means you can see where the opportunities are for talent based on objective skills and potential for growth in a formative way as opposed to limiting them to their past experience, enabling a two-way dialogue and creating career pathing options based on their interests and skills. You can get real value out of your DEI initiative by assessing the skills that are attributes of inclusivity and provide true equity and opportunities for the diverse talent you hire. weThink’s team evaluations allow you to assess how well-embedded team cohesion is, and get a sense of your team’s perspective

How does recognizing foundational skills help you as a leader?

It helps in several ways: It helps cultivate an organizational culture centered around a forward looking data driven understanding of the skills and potential of talent.Teams that are aware of these skills perform at least 30% higher — these are the attributes of winning teams

How do these skills affect the bottom line of any company?

These skills have an impact on both performance and culture. Studies have shown that improving these skills can enhance team performance by up to 30%. As Patrick Lencioni famously stated, ‘If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.’ Hendricks conducted an interesting study that provides a great example of this. They found that CEOs who intentionally focused on culture initiatives as drivers of financial performance had double the financial performance of other companies – 9.1% for this group compared to 4.4% for the others. Thus, improving transferable skills can bolster both culture and financial performance because these skills make people better performers. Collaboration is as important as cash flow

Can weThink provide skills translation for non-traditional talent?

Yes! Not only can weThink help you gain insight into the foundational and transferable skills of existing or potential talent, weThink is crosswalked to occupations and abilities and can interpret talent history for career/occupation fit

weThink is a proven methodology built to help people grow foundational skills so they can thrive in teams. weThink’s technology and assessments are based on a proprietary network of skills and behaviors that give insights into team dynamics, cohesion, and transferable skills profiles to improve performance and recruitment, increase retention, and reduce human error

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